Life is Stressful!

Do you spend your life rushing from one place to another? Do you deal with the demands of family, working long hours or doing a job you don’t really enjoy? Then you are almost certainly suffering from some level of stress.

Stress can manifest itself physically as well as emotionally and the result is that our bodies and minds react. We may feel burdened, have trouble sleeping or suffer from recurring illness and bad health. If you ignore these symptoms and “soldier on”, it just gets worse!

People talk about “pampering”, but looking after yourself is just good sense. Imagine being totally relaxed by an idyllic waterside, with calmness flooding over you. Think how rejuvenated you’d feel and how much you’d look forward to it.

Duck by the canalThe practice is based in an easy to reach location just outside Maldon in Essex. You will start to relax as soon as you see the tranquil view of the Blackwater Canal which immediately evokes a feeling of peace. Overlooked by willow trees and a home for ducks and swans, it has been described as an “Oasis of Calm”.

Whether it’s an Introductory Session or a course of treatments my aim is simple, to enable you to relax, be refreshed and face the world renewed.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and you’d like to visit my “Oasis of Calm”, just  contact me, or call on 07775633798.

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