Face up to your age

Anti-ageing facialThe beauty counters are stuffed with anti-ageing products.  Fighting the evidence of the passing years has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

With traditional facials the anti-ageing effect has always been attributed to the products whether a face cream, a massage oil or a dermal filler or other aesthetic procedure.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been researching the effects of massage alone on the visible signs of ageing – no oils, creams or other products.  For the experiment I developed a routine of specialised techniques that are known to stimulate the connective tissue just under the surface of the skin.

I was delighted to have 13 ladies (average age of 47) volunteer for the challenge!  I asked them to assess five elements of their skin quality both before and after each of their 8 sessions, approximately weekly, and the results were surprising and positive:

  • Skin softness improved by 29.2%
  • Firmness and resilience improved by 21.2%
  • Skin lustre improved by 26%
  • Prominence of wrinkles and lines reduced by 26.8%
  • Blemishes became less noticeable by 23.5%.

Everyone loved the facial experience and found it to be very relaxing; some described it as’ a meditative experience’.

This facial massage gives you a totally relaxing 30 minutes in your busy day helps you to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.

*I’m continuing my experiment to gather more evidence so, if you’d like to join the group please get in touch on 07775 633 798.

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