Tension in the jaw

Face painYour head has several bones, but only one joint – where the mandible (lower jaw) connects to the main skull structure.  It effectively operates to allow us to chew and to talk.  It’s also a hotspot for physical stress to accumulate.

When you’re stressed or anxious you tighten your jaw, even when you’re asleep stress can manifest as teeth grinding.  Today’s lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy for you to sit up straight while tucking your chin in for more than a few seconds at a time – so you generally adapt a head forward posture, with clenched jaw.

What to look for

  • Your jaw locks or clicks when you open your mouth
  • You suffer from a dry mouth
  • You get headaches focused on your forehead or temple
  • You suffer from pain in upper teeth and cheek (sometimes identified as sinus pain) or pain in the lower teeth and jaw
  • You have buzzing or ringing in the ears

Myofascial release techniques can help by reducing the effects of physical stress in your face, neck and jaw. This treatment will help to ease the restriction of your fascia (soft fibrous connective tissue) and stretch the muscles and reduce the pressure in and around your jaw, that’s causing the problem.

To enhance the effects suction cups will further relax the tissues and assist in draining away excess fluid and toxins.  In severe cases, deeper pressure on your trigger points may be needed.

Not only will your jaw feel lighter, but you’ll also feel relaxed physically and de-stressed mentally.

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