Are you losing your grip?

arm massageOne of my clients spends many hours typing as it’s a key part of her job, she came to me with pain and discomfort in the hand, knuckles and the elbow.  Surprisingly she told me that typing didn’t cause her any pain, it was only when doing things where she had to grip that hurt; for example:

  • Turning the lid on a jar
  • Wringing out a cloth
  • Clenching her fist

The muscles in the forearms control the fingers and because they do a lot of work they can become very tight. This is often referred to as a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) although technically it is not an injury, but a result of overuse.

Rest, stretching and strengthening exercises with a gradual return to work is the recommended course of action. However, rest was not an option in this case.

The shortened muscles in the forearm and irritated tendons can make effective stretching a challenge. Manual help is needed, but deep tissue sports massage can be too painful and even counterproductive.

I used a clinical massage technique called Myo-Fascial Release to treat this client because it:

  • Improves circulation to the area assisting in healing and drainage of waste
  • Provides the manual help needed to gently release adhesions and stretch the muscles
  • Frees trigger points to allow healing to take place.

It was clear that this client’s fascia was severely stuck, but by the end of the treatment it was much looser and she could clench her fist without pain.

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