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Attitudes have changed and there is increased pressure for us to look younger than we really are. More and more men and women expect a facial treatment to address the visible signs of ageing and for the effects to last.

Facials have long been considered luxury treatments to relax, be pampered and have a glowing complexion for a few days.  Now people are demanding more and the industry response is to promote the latest ‘discovery’ that promises brighter, more youthful, wrinkle-free complexions.

The traditional facial to cleanse, exfoliate, mask, massage with fragrant oils followed with moisturiser is no longer enough. After all, with the products available to us nowadays, we can do all that ourselves! Instead the use of cosmeceuticals (pharmaceutical grade products) has become the norm. These contain highly potent ingredients so they can come with a risk of further damage if there are any complications.

Hyaluronic Acid has been around for a while and is used as an injected filler and added to topical skin products. It promises plumper, more hydrated skin.

In fact Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of connective tissue (aka Fascia) under the surface of the skin. Think of it as a sponge that attracts water and keeps the skin hydrated from the inside. Over time, fibres of Hyaluronic Acid can become tangled and in this state, are less able to absorb moisture leaving the area dry. The physical symptoms show up as tight, flaky and itchy skin.

Imagine a river bed which is running dry due to lack of rain. Under the scorching sun, the mud becomes hard and cracks begin to appear. Relate this scenario to dry skin and the subsequent formation of fine lines and wrinkles if the problem is not addressed.

Facials using MyoFascial Release techniques release the restrictions around the fibres and smooth the surrounding area allowing water to reach the Hyaluronic Acid. These facials rely on the specialist skill of the holistic therapist and the aim is to maintain healthy fascia and skin. The healthier you are on the inside, the better the body is equipped to protect you from the elements and slow down the process of ageing.

Nothing gives away our age quite as obviously as our face and nobody wants to look their age – let alone look older – so prevention is definitely better than cure.

Vouchers are available and for further information speak to Jas on 07775 633798.

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