Spring has sprung – and your body isn’t ready!

daffodilsGardening is not a sport, but it might as well be because it’s physical enough to leave you with sore, aching muscles if you overdo it.

All that bending forward, reaching, twisting and pulling – no matter how much you enjoy it – the mechanical strain and postural stress of gardening can leave you feeling the pain for days after.  Of course, you don’t realise you’re overdoing it until it’s too late!

The lower back, hip and pelvis are particularly vulnerable. The result of continuous prolonged contraction of muscles in the area causes muscle spasm. This restricts blood flow and hence trigger points develop causing further pain and stiffness.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain in the lower back which may extend to the hip and deeper within the centre of the buttock
  • In severe cases, pain extends down the leg
  • Difficulty in standing up straight from a seated position or unable to stand completely upright
  • Walking is uncomfortable due to a painful lower back
  • Difficulty in turning over in bed

The aim is to reduce pain, restore healthy movement and aid recovery of the soft tissue to prevent further damage and possible injury in the future.

If you’re suffering and want some relief I can help and the treatment will incorporate several different techniques to give you the best possible results:

  • Myofascial release to loosen tight connective tissue
  • Hot stones to help warm and hydrate muscles before deeper treatment
  • Cupping therapy to increase blood flow, oxygen and energy and help release toxins
  • Trigger point therapy. This is the application of concentrated, but gentle, pressure on irritated areas within the muscles which cause discomfort. This releases some of the spasm.
  • Stretching to help restore pliability of muscles

If your body is shouting for help, just give me a call on 07775 633798 to book an appointment and get you moving normally again.

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