How old is your body?

Tai-ChiYou probably know people who are in their 40s and yet look and move like a much older person – and people who are well into their 60s, maybe even in their 70s, who are still full of life and move easily.  Is it just luck?

No!  It’s all about your lifestyle.  If you spend hours crouching over the keyboard your body will start to fall into that position naturally.  Muscles tighten, ligaments shorten or lengthen and even your bones flex and set into different positions.  Slowly you’ll find your range of movement becomes limited.

If you walk everywhere and are active and energetic your muscles, ligaments and bones will be in good shape and you’ll keep your flexibility and fitness as you get older.

Which one fits you best?

We’ve all heard the excuses – injuries, conditions and time limitations.  But that’s all they are – excuses.

If you’ve had an injury – or even if you’ve been sitting in one place too long and have developed aching shoulders or stiffness in your neck – take action.  Get it treated and loosened up and you will improve your posture and be less likely to suffer from that stoop older people get.

If you have a condition – like arthritis that makes movement painful, find alternatives.  Join a Tai Chi or Pilates class where the exercise is gentle.  Get in the swimming pool and let the water take the strain – do something positive and you’ll be so glad you did as you get older.

It’s all about getting good habits – and treating your body with kindness.  Don’t just suffer with aches and pains, treat yourself to a massage or other treatment to improve the situation.

If you think it’s too late – it’s not.  You can reverse this situation – take it gently and don’t overdo it or you can end up having to spend weeks recovering from strains.

Include regular treatments in your regular fitness schedule to keep your body in great condition and you’ll be running upstairs when people half your age are puffing and groaning!

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