Moving to Maypole

MaypoleI’m taking a big step and moving my clinic into Maypole Health in Maldon to work with Joanne Cole, who is an Osteopath.  After running a solo practice for so many years, this will be a big change, but a positive one.

Our areas of expertise complement each other and I’m excited to be able to offer my patients a wider range of treatments, when needed.

To explain how our therapies can work together – take whiplash injuries. The term whiplash refers to an injury which occurs when the head is forced in one direction very quickly and then in the opposite direction very quickly.  Symptoms of this sudden overstretching include headaches and a stiff neck resulting from muscles and the surrounding fascia going into spasm and tightening in response to trauma. The restraint of the seatbelt can cause compression injuries in the spine and pelvis; the whole body suffers.

As long as there are not more serious complications (such as fractures or herniated discs), it’s important to restore mobility as soon as possible so that scar tissue does not develop.

As an osteopath Joanne is keen on introducing techniques which allow the body to self-heal and hence my input as a clinical massage therapist. I can use several techniques including myofascial release to reduce muscle spasm and address the tight connective tissue prior to any manipulations by Joanne, which are more likely to hold if muscles are happy.

Myofascial release, over a period of time, can help to release tightness, reduce pain and encourage movement without restriction in all parts of the body.

Appointments can be booked with either Joanne or me on 01621 888080.

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