Skin Care

It doesnt have to be complicated

Make Your Skin Glow

Your skin says a lot about how you feel. You’ll notice that when you’re not feeling so good your skin will look dull and sometimes blemishes appear. When you’ve been out in the fresh air and have a bit of colour you look healthier and glowing.

The secret of a good skin is to take good care of it. You can help your skin to look good just by getting into the habit of looking after it well. This need not take hours of your time, but it does need to be a regular habit like cleaning your teeth!

Every skin is different, yours is unique and a personalised skin-care programme is needed to make sure you look your best. There are all kinds of skin care; you just need to know what is right for you.

If you just want some advice on how to look after your skin, Jas will do a no obligation consultation. This means not only advice on basic cleansing, toning and moisturising, but understanding your requirments for additional products based on your age, health, lifestyle and the climate in which you live. All these factors have an impact on your skin care needs and which products will work best with your skin. This is a free service.

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